Travels with Charlie

Topics: John Steinbeck, North Dakota, Dust Bowl Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Traveling Through The Country with Charley
In the novel “Travels with Charley”, by John Steinbeck, Steinbeck travels to many different regions in the United States. He is traveling across the U.S, to see if his opinions and what he is writing about are still true. He is a writer and since he was writing about The U.S from past experiences, he travels to see how much has changed or if its still the same and if the people still have the same kind of personalities. Along the way he meets many different people with different personalities. He also finds that many of the people he meets seem very impacted by his surroundings. So he supports that people can be impacted by their surroundings.

In many of the different regions Steinbeck visits, he finds that people seem very impacted by their surroundings. For instances when he travels to The Badlands in South Dakota. “Such a place the Fallen Angels might have built as a spite to Heaven, dry and sharp, desolate and dangerous, and filled me with foreboding.”pg,### As he was driving to the Dakotas, he was fine and happy. Though when he reaches the badlands, and takes in their “dry, sharp, desolate, and dangerous” features his mood drops. He recalls that he was immediately filled with “foreboding” after entering the Badlands. This shows how just a simple scenery can greatly impact you.

In the South, Steinbeck sees examples of people being impacted by the people around them Standard 2
and their surroundings. When he visits the south, and the talk of the town is about “The Cheerleaders”, a group of middle aged white women who gather to shout nasty things and taunt at the little negro children going to school at a now mixed school. So he decides to visit this scene and see it for himself. “Then the girl made a curious hop, and I think I know what it was. I think in her life she had not gone, ten steps without skipping, but now in the middle of her first skip, the weight bore her down and her little round feet took...
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