Cj210 Functions of the Us Correctional System

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Functions of the US Correctional System

Tracy Kelly

Kaplan University CJ101-02

December 18, 2011

Professor Patricia Dahl


Functions of the US Correctional System

The United States correction system was created to protect society from criminals. There are many ways in which the system can do this; punishment, incapacitation, rehabilitation, deterrence, and restitution. Two ways serve as specific functions to the criminal – punishment and rehabilitation.

Many in society believe that “an eye for an eye” should still be the case. Many others believe that a second chance is more beneficial to the offender and society. In either case, the issue of money and justice are key factors. The criminal justice system is at a loss about which way in better. One way will keep the criminal off the street and locked up which in turn cases overpopulation in prisons. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, seems like a “slap on the hand” and more justice for the criminal than the victim (Schmalleger. 2010).

Our correctional system should punish criminals based on priority. This means what are we hoping to tell the offender, and at what expense. Many years the answer to punishment meant prisons and probation. However, this answer does not seem to be working as effective as one would hope. If it did, there should not be the problem of prison overcrowding and repeat offenders. Prisons and punishment should be harsher, uncomfortable, and uninviting while making the criminal suffer for his or her crime.

Other forms of punishment include community service, restitution, court fees, boot camps, and home electronic monitoring devices. Although these forms may not seem harsh


enough, they offer an alternative to prison sentences. Many times, these forms make an example out of the offender...
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