Civil Action Movie

Topics: A Civil Action, Jury, Court Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Aly El-Mansy
Ms. Baker

A Civil Action Essay

In this movie, Jan Schlichtmann gets played by John Travolta as he goes through the life changing case with his lawyer firm. He had come up with this trial by parents calling him up looking for answers. These parents had one thing in common. They had lost children to Leukemia and they credited it to the water being contaminated by the pouring of a threatening chemical called Trichloroethylene. At first the reason to why he took this case was because he believed he could bring down two huge companies, Beatrice foods, and Grace Company. If he was able to succeed in taking them down, he would make millions of dollars for himself. As the movie progresses he realizes he’s doing all this for the parents more than for his own selfish reasons anymore and wants justice to be served. He didn’t win, literally lost everything, and the families won in the end as the plants were brought down. A major problem among this case was the loyalty of the employees to the boss. The man in charge often times gave the man who had talked “the eye”, because of the information he was letting out. At the end of the movie when he is invited into the house by the wife of the man who helped cover up or rather, clean up the spillage and containment by the Riley factory. This man unlike many others actually cared about what was happening in the water system than the harassment by their coworkers that gave their testimony to Jan. Which helped extremely but was still a setback, because there could have been a lot more testimony’s which would have benefited his case. The second and one of the biggest problems he experienced would be the financial problem. His lawyer firm started spending millions of dollars in an effort to gain evidence of the Geology sort by proving the trichloroethylene was really in the water system. They had not only lost money but they became 8 million dollars in debt. Their financial advisor played the lottery he was so...
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