City Council

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Your city council is considering a proposal that would ban the use of cell phones in privately owned businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, and retail stores. Violators would be subject to a fine. What is your position on this issue? Write a letter in which you convince the city council to support your position, giving strong evidence for your reasons. Some of the cons about city council to ban cell phones in public areas such as restaurants, movie theatres, retail stores, or small private businesses is that you would lose your ways of communication with others. If there was an emergency you would not be able to get ahold of anybody because you would not have any contact. Sometimes others may want to get a hold of you too, but they would not be able to do that because your cell phone would be banned. Anything can always happen and that anything that can always happen at anytime. A lot of people are very, well I forgot the word, but it means like when you see things happening to other people, but you don’t care because you do not think that it could ever happen to you. We all have a cell phone for a specific reason, and most of the time, we do not have cell phones just because you want one, or it has games, or everyone has one. Most people have a cell phone to keep in contact with others Yes that is very true, and maybe I will remember the word later. But in the mean time you may be asking yourself what does that have to do with the city council banning the cell phones in public places? Well let me tell you, it has a lot to do with it. Anything can happen to you or somebody else out there or someone you know, and then you would definitely need to contact that specific person. Then of course you would not be able to get a hold of them because you would not be able to use your cell phone because city council banned them and they are not allowed in public places any more. Now that is really a very huge, big problem for all of us people who have a cell...
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