Town Meeting

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Regular Council Meeting April 1, 2010

Mayor Thomas L. Hardesty called the regular council meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with the following council members present: Alan Matthews, Mike Zoeller, Donna Eaton, and George Best. Absent: Shane Suttor and Jon Swindler.

City Employees Present: Jennifer Herrell, Judy Smith, Kevin Calvert, Tom Doyle, Inez Harris, and Jeff Tennill.

City Attorney: Frank Chuppe.

Councilmember Best gave the invocation.

All present pledged allegiance to the flag.

Minutes/ March 18, 2010
Councilmember Matthews moved to approve the minutes of March 18, 2010 as read by council members prior to the meeting. Seconded by Councilmember Zoeller.

All voted “aye” and motion carried.

Ordinance No. 2010-04-01 – Reinstating an Inspection Fee for Rental Property – 2nd Reading Frank Chuppe, City Attorney, read an ordinance of the City of Shelbyville amending Paragraph 3 of 71.002 (c) as follows: (3) Certificate of Occupancy Fee: A fee of twenty dollars ($20) shall be paid to the City of Shelbyville for each certificate of occupancy. The fee is due immediately after the initial inspection is made. The fee is good for the full three year period unless ownership changes, in which case the new owner must obtain a new certificate of occupancy. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued until the fee has been paid.

It was introduced for a second reading by Councilmember Zoeller. Seconded by Councilmember Matthews.

Upon roll call, the following council members voted “aye”: Matthews, Zoeller, Eaton, and Best. Absent: Councilmember Suttor and Councilmember Swindler.

Ordinance – Establishing a Revised Schedule of changes for the use of the Consolidated Municipal Waterworks and Sewer System of the Shelbyville Water and Sewer Commission – 1st Reading Frank Chuppe, City Attorney, read an ordinance of the City of Shelbyville increasing the system development charges for the Water and Sewer System effective May 1,...
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