Citizenship Controlled Assessment

Topics: Advocacy, Poverty, Simeon the Righteous Pages: 17 (6965 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Control assessment – Stage 1: Inform Yourself
1.1) What is the citizenship issue you have chosen? What is the reason and why do you think it’s important? As a group, the first thing we needed to decide on is which task to choose, at the end we democratically concluded to choose task 1, which requires us to “Select a voluntary organisation or a pressure group, investigate their work and take action to advocate their aims” For this task we had to choose a particular organisation and advocate them, as a group we collectively agreed that Comic Relief should be chosen. The reason why we bought into the idea of advocating Comic Relief is because we all strongly agree that every human being has rights, and we feel it’s our responsibility to help those who are less fortunate to attain their rights. We all recognised that Comic Relief is perfect to help cure poverty all around the world. Another reason we chose this group was because of the immense amount of people they had helped. 10,000,000 people protected from malaria, 750,000 voices have been heard and 72,437 children have received an education... All due to Comic Relief! The main reason I believe poverty is a hugely important issue because people in poverty tend to resort to crime in order to attain their income, and the poor are then labelled and stereotyped as criminals, which is why they are spitted upon in society. Especially if you are a child and you’re growing up in poverty, you will be psychologically affected. Which is why I believe to construct a better future, you will need to eradicate poverty. The reason I believe this issue is extremely important, is because of the staggering figures. Every 6 minutes a child dies of hunger. So that means every 6 minutes one innocent young innocent human being dies of poverty, so 240 children are dying every 24 hours. A recent report on Channel 4 News also states that poverty figures are rising. So I feel a great way to help get rid of poverty is through advocating Comic Relief. I personally believe this issue brings high morality to me, because by advocating Comic Relief to someone, they may act upon what I have said, therefore helping one unfortunate child to live his well deserved life. Also poverty plays a part in other anti – social behaviour such as stereo typing and racism. Africans are usually stereotyped to thugs because they are from a background where people are living in poverty and forced to do crime to earn income. So decimating poverty will also reduce stereotypes and racism. I think Comic Relief are a great issue to have chosen because Comic Relief have the ability to gain celebrity advocacy to influence young adults to take part in their events, even if the child does not have the funds to donate himself, he can take part by attending some of Comic Reliefs’ events, influencing their parents to take part in Comic Relief etc. Comic Relief is also an international organisation, meaning they help all different countries, not only UK. Comic Relief also holds a lot of entertaining events, to attract a range of audience. Throughout our advocacy, we had to use a range of citizenship skills and concepts. We would have to use the citizenship concept democracy. We will make use of this concept by taking votes on most, if not all, decision that we make, this will make sure that everyone’s views have been considered and it will give everyone an equal opportunity. Another citizenship concept we will have to use is fairness; we will make use of this concept my using democracy and giving everyone an equal opportunity. We will also have to use the concept of rights and responsibilities. Everyone in the world has certain rights and someone has a responsibility to fulfil them. We will have use of this concept by allowing everyone to speak and give their views. We will also give each other certain responsibilities which they will have fulfil to make our advocacy successful. Throughout our advocacy we will be talking about...
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