Cirque Du Soleil Case Study

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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CAR- Cirque du Soleil 1) How has Cirque structured and supported its cast to deliver superior performance? Vertical Coordination – all management centered at Montreal HQ. Organization built around charismatic leader – Laliberte. Strategic vision mostly set by Laliberte. HQ is sometimes distant from the touring groups. Shows conceived/designed in Montreal. Directors visit to check the show is being performed as designed (protect the brand and guard the concept). Division of Labor by Product (tours) e.g. Dralion, Quidam, etc and within each tour by function – artists (acrobats, gymnasts), support staff (IT, technical, logistics) and management/marketing/sales. Structural configuration per MintzbergDivisionalized Form – each tour quasi-autonomous unit consisting of artists, support staff, etc. HQ on the top giving its brand name. Deliver superior performance: start with HRM – Hire the Right people (appropriate abilities – talent, desire to grow/develop, ability to bring something to the show), investing in the people (language classes, learn from the experts, etc), promote diversity (hire the best from all over the world). Casting Director understood - Cirque grows by providing growth to artists. Built successful teams by selecting people who support each other. Mutual interdependence. Stretch artists to grow by learning from each other, borrowing from different art forms, performing in a Multi-Cultural environment. Uncensored newsletter - develop trust, openness, forms deep friendships between team members. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs – Cirque provided lavish food, transportation, close-knit environment, sense of belonging, keeping artists engaged (motivated), showing care and concern for artists, selfesteem (make it great), providing a stable environment on tour so that artists can focus on being creative – self actualization! Empower employees (HRM) to be creative and develop the shows. Symbolic –Magic should happen in the show. Emotional impact– makes people...
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