Cirque Du Soleil Case Analysis

Topics: Cirque du Soleil, Downtown Disney, Contemporary circus Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Cirque du Soleil Case Analysis

1. What is Cirque’s product and its strategy?

Cirque du Soleil, a Quebec based company, is a circus that does not has a product. What it does offer is artistic works with a high-quality, artistic entertainment. It gives the spectators the experience of a theater and a dance circus without animals, which bases its performances on very talented and creative people, combining street performances, clowns, acrobats, and gymnasts. Cirque du Soleil’s strategy is to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke the emotions of people. It does this by putting together solid and powerful performances, in combination with creative scenarios, precise illumination and magnificent costumes. In addition, Cirque du Soleil’s diversification included going into other aspects of entertainment. Thus, in 1999, it released its first feature film and its first television special. Also, in 2000, it created an IMAX large-format film. Moreover, Cirque du Soleil keeps diversifying its commercial activities in publishing and merchandising. In 1998, Cirque opened its first store on the property of Walt Disney world Resort in Florida. What’s more, Cirque du Soleil hasn’t received any grants from the public or private sectors since 1992.

2. How has Cirque structured and supported its casts to deliver superior performances?

Cirque du Soleil is a circus designed mostly for adults, and its structure evolves around the concept of creativity. Cirque structured its show by combination of fine recruiting strategy and strong culture of community and family. For this reason, the structure of the circus supports its performers and let the pure artists in charge of the shows. At Cirque du Soleil, creativity is at the core, not the customer. Moreover, the circus let its artists to work the way they want to work, and express themselves. For that reason, it was a constant challenge to find the right artists. The casting director for Cirque,...
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