Circumstances Under Which Lectures Are the Most Effective Teaching Methods to Achieve Student Understanding

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Teaching Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: June 2, 2012
Circumstances under which Lectures are the Most Effective Teaching Methods to achieve Student Understanding Lectures are one of the most common tools for transferring knowledge to students and an important part of the teacher’s toolkit (Siddiqui, 2008). With the evolution of trends in medical education, there is an increasing trend of omitting or decreasing the number of lectures from the undergraduate medical curriculum (Baig, 2006) (Green, 2005). Nonetheless, it is difficult to take out lectures from the teacher’s repertoire of teaching methods. It holds true when we talk about the early phase of undergraduate medical program when students do not have or a minimal exposure of patients. Therefore, lecture is playing a major in students learning. There are following few circumstances under which lectures are the most effective teaching methods: Economic: Obviously, small group teaching involves a number of faculty members but lecture can be delivered to a large group which can decrease the requirement of having multiple places for each small group. Moreover, it is a cost effective technique because it needs only one faculty member to be engaged at one time. Efficient: Again, a lecture is an effective method of imparting information, introducing new concepts and ideas to the students. Conveying information to large group: Transmitting the up to date knowledge, outcome of a research, personal, clinical or laboratory experience and provoking a thought to ignite the light for deeper thinking to a large group can be best achieved by a good planned lecture (Brown & Manogue, 2001). Give outline of the subject: Introducing a subject to students, expected learning outcomes and guiding students to how to achieve these objectives. Comparing and contrasting: Framing about two or more things in order to compare can be done in an interactive way by using 2X2 matrices in a lecture. Fulfilling requirements of audience: Books and world wide web are major source of...
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