Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned from Movies and Tv.

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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3. Cigarette smoking should be banned from movies and TV.

There is no doubt that cigarette smoking should be banned from movies and TV.

Television influenced people in daily life. However, no one is more influenced than

the impressionable youth who grow up in front of TV. It is a fact, that every day three

thousand children between 10-18 years old start smoking. Most of these cases are the

result of cigarette smoking advertising. TV and movies are the main platform for tobacco

advertising. We can frequently see these ads in films or famous TV shows. For

example, in many films we usually can see the scene where our favorite actors or actress

are smoking. This act often suggests that smoking can make you sexy, popular and cool.

Moreover, it gives a feeling that smoking is socially acceptable. The young people who

watch TV frequently tend to imitate the heroes they have seen in the TV programs. As a

result, they start to smoke. For instance, I had this problem in my life. When I was 14

years old, I dreamed to be a model. I frequently watched fashion shows. In these shows I

always saw charming models with cigarettes. I thought that cigarette smoking is

fashionable and cool. I wanted to imitate them because they were my idols, so I started to

smoke. In my opinion, young people are the main group who watch movies and TV. They

are very impressionable and easily amenable to bad habits. Consequently, cigarette

smoking should be banned from movies and TV to prevent this harming problem.
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