Smoking be Banned?

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  • Published : October 3, 2013
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Should Smoking be Banned?

Smoking is a worldwide problem that is one of the biggest causes of death. Harrison Bergeron

1.What kind of handicap has been imposed on people with better-than-average mental capacity? People with better-than-average mental capacity are required to wear mental handicap radios in their ear that are tuned in to a government transmitter. The radios would send out some sharp noise every twenty seconds or so to take advantage of the people’s brains.

2.What kind of handicap has been imposed on people with better-than-average physical ability? People with better-than-average physical ability are required to wear sash-weights and bags of birdshot, so they are weighed down and cannot move with any more grace or be any stronger than anyone else.

3.Is George right when he says that Hazel would be as good a Handicapper General as anybody else? Explain. The scene shows that Hazel has much in common with Diana Moon Glampers, Handicapper General. She thinks that she would be a good Handicapper General because she believes that she knows what normalcy is.

4.Why has Harrison Bergeron been put in jail?
Harrison Bergeron was put to jail because although he was handicapped, he was too gifted and was suspected of plotting to overthrow the government.

5.What penalty do Harrison and his ballerina partner pay for refusing to wear their handicaps? The Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers, shoots them both to death. was off track. ok. sorreeee

Smoking is a very big problem in the world.
It is dangeorus, causes health problems, addictive, and affects people around the smokers.
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