Church Leadership

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  • Published: February 26, 2012
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Allman, Bruce l22748411

The subject of my evaluation, let’s call him Tb, an interesting young brother; converted at an early and called to be in the service of the lord almost immediately. His background speaks greatly of the way we should all strive to instruct our children in methods of behavior and interaction with others . He serves as the Youth Pastor at the church where I currently attend. He oversees a group of approximately 45-50 young people from 12 years of age until early adulthood. This is a long span of years where being accountable , and totally transparent apparently pays significant results. Not only do these youngsters watch what you do, they watch how you live! Words are very important in the lives of all people but deemed crucial in the lives of young people. In essence they ask you: practice what you preach! From my own examination In the weeks and months leading up to this class and this paper I paid close attention to the way this young brother conducted himself In and out of the public eye . I have found him to be exactly who and what he proclaims to be..a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ;dedicated and purposed to pour into the lives of these young people or into any one searching for their place in Christ .We sat down one Saturday morning at a local coffee house , where he humbly answered the following questions: 1. Would your congregation (or the people within your particular department or area of ministry) are “Living Out the Mind of Christ” (i.e. Unity, Humility, Selflessness) as they interact, serve, and minister to/with each other? How specifically do you as a ministry leader teach, cultivate, and maintain “The Mind of Christ” in your area of...
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