Chrysalids Work Package

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Tahrim Chowdhury
May 25, 2012

Chapter 1

1. I think that the high bank is a rode or some type of park that isn’t often talked about. I think that it’s some part of David’s community that people aren’t supposed to mention to their kids because they know what’s there and want their kids to live in a little bubble and in a way keep them safe. Usually a tone is really important for a book so in the first chapter I think it was a technique for the author not to tell us who the Old Ones and the high bank are. 2. The unusual thing about Sophie’s clothes is that she’s wearing a type of cross on her top that occupies most of the space on the piece of clothes. The way that the author slips it in casually is because he uses a lot of in depth. For example, “The cross stitched to the front of the dungarees was a darker brown material.” Since it’s really obvious I believe that the reader might have just thought it was a casual cross and might not have put too much thought into it. 3. Even though David’s been growing up in a society where difference is frowned upon, he still sees that despite the fact that she has six toes she’s a nice person. That’s why he sees no connection between what he was taught all his life and now so he’s not caring about them maybe because he’s a lefty. 4. It tells us that he’s been growing up in a really strict community/society. David as we know is a lefty and that’s considered the devil’s hand so that’s probably the one thing that he can’t tell everyone about like how Sophie isn’t allowed telling others about her sixth toe. The fact that even he’s a misfit makes it easier for him to connect with Sophie on some levels. Sophie’s childhood might have been very different from David’s because she seems to be living somewhere where she’s accepted for who she is whereas David’s “the one regrettable and unreliable factor in an otherwise orderly life.” 5. In the lines “there was a pause-at least, her voice paused, but her thoughts went on…” shows that the main character in the story has telepathy. If he was older it would maybe makes sense that he would guess that thought. Though, he’s only ten years old and for a child of his age to understand that is very surprising. So it’s obvious that it’s telepathy. The way that the author says it is the way of a metaphor or some type of fancy thought. Therefore, the reader wouldn’t be surprised by what he/she would read. 6. It clicks into place for David that Sophie’s a mutant. Even though she is one she’s a nice person and it doesn’t matter that she’s not relatable with the Definition. 7. Mrs.Wender wears a conventional cross that means even she just like David belongs to a religious society and because she knows that she tries to hide the fact that her daughter has a sixth toe for since she’s a part of it she knows the consequences that would follow if anyone was to find out. 8. David’s curious understanding with Rosalind is that there’s a factor between them that if anyone finds out they would be at risk. 9. David’s society is obsessed with the Definition of Man and religion. Every part of their daily life seems to connect with religion and it is very conservative. There are some similarities between his society and some that exists now days because even now in some very conservative countries little traditions like handiness is very strictly followed. 10. David’s a normal ten-year old in the way that he questions everything but the fact of what he questions takes away his age. But he’s still a ten-year old in the sense that he still has the innocent intentions, the only thing that’s a major fact in differentiating him with an average ten-year old is that he’s extremely smart.

Chapter 2

1. Elias Strorm came to Waknuk from the East and soon after he got a wife. He is a lot like his son, Joseph for even he has a conservative mind. In my opinion, he came to Waknuk for due to his mind frame he was afraid that he might get attacked...
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