Christmas Too Commercialized?

Topics: Christmas, Infomercial, Retailing Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Is Christmas Commercialized?

I feel that Christmas is a day when you spend time with your family and exchange gifts. Christmas has its positives and negatives. Commercialized means to emphasize the profitable aspects of something, especially at the expense of quality. In my opinion, Christmas is too commercialized. I think this because the retailers start sales too early, products are massively advertised, and there is too much pressure for decorations. Every year retailers start bringing out Christmas supplies earlier and earlier. Usually, retailers start bringing out supplies in late October. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is the day that retailers have a huge blow-out sale for Christmas gifts. Due to the extra time, people go into debt just to give an unnecessary, expensive gift to others. Companies can advertise their products as a must have Christmas gift. Children are swamped with tons of commercials for toys and electronic gizmos that they feel are musts for Santa to bring. They see these items on Saturday cartoon shows or during any commercial break. They have seen them so often that they start to believe they want them. Parents forget to ask their children what they would enjoy, they go to stores, and they buy anything they saw on TV. Commercialism decides what our house decorations should look like. Every year there is pressure from your neighbors to put up decorations. It’s always going to be embarrassing if you’re the only house on the block without Christmas lights and decorations. Suppose your neighbor goes all-out for Christmas, then you feel that you have to go buy more things that way you’re not compared to your neighbor. Although I think Christmas is too commercialized, some people might disagree and think the opposite. One of the reasons people think that Christmas is not commercialized is you spend time with your family. Another reason is charities, such as Big Momma of Broward...
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