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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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The Origin and History of Christmas
Christmas is the most popular festival globally. Christmas is an occasion that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The origin and the history of Christmas have pagan roots. It is said that the origin of Christmas began 2000 years ago when the birth of Christ took place. History mentions that Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary in a manger and it is said that a star guided the three Magi who traveled from the East to Jerusalem to shower gifts on baby Jesus. It is believed that Jesus was the Son of God and he came to the world to spread the message of God. The New Testament is unable to provide any information regarding the date or year related to the birth of Jesus Christ. St. Mark, which is an ancient gospel written at the time of Christian era commences with the baptism of an adult Jesus Christ. Although the real date of Christ’s birth is not known, 25th December is considered by all to be the day when Christ was born. However many people are of the thought that the customs and traditions affiliated with the festival of Christmas pre-date the birth of Christ. As a result of this the origin and history of Christmas got filled with controvers. The day of Christ’s birth is conceived by the Christians to be the most sacred day of the year. It is only the New Testament, which gives an account of the story of the birth of Christ. In 336 AD Emperor Constantine converted this pagan tradition to the ‘Christian’ holiday of Christmas. With the spread of Christianity, the Festival of Christmas also got spread over the world, and now it is celebrated with great pomp and vigour. Enjoy the origin and history of Christmas with Christmas Carnivals. During this time of the year we enjoy holidays symbols like decorations such as the mistletoe, lights and the famous christmas tree. Not many people know how these traditions came to be. Christmas History Mistletoe sheds light on the role and significance of the evergreen mistletoe in Christmas festivities. It was believed in the ancient times, that the mistletoe tree could propagate from bird droppings. The Anglo-Saxon meaning of the name is dung on a twig. Mistletoe was believed to have magical powers of healing. The tree was sacred to the ancient Celtic Druids. The cutting of the mistletoe from the oak (mistletoes are parasites, though they can grow on their own) signified the emasculation of the old King by his successor. Having the mistletoe decorated in the Christmas season, originated from the pagan customs. The famous axiom "kissing under the mistletoe" has its origin in the Norse mythology and Celtic rituals.From the Christmas history mistletoe we find, the plant has been treated as sacred. The use of evergreens symbolizes the hope of a glorious spring in the cold bleak winter. It was also the symbol of survival and hardiness. Besides mistletoe is also the mark of peace and goodwill. Mistletoe's are used in Christmas wreaths as well. The Christmas history mistletoe sheds light on the fact that the early church stalwarts were against the use of mistletoe in the Christmas festivities. They favored holly. But with the passage of time, people started using mistletoe in all aspects of Christmas celebrations be it in the wreaths or home decoration or Christmas tree or gift-wrapping. There are quite a few myths connected with the mistletoe. One very pertinent legend is that the mistletoe wood was used to make Jesus Christ's crucifixion cross. Know more on the Christmas history mistletoe from Christmas Carnivals. Christmas Lights History begins with the tradition of arranging dainty exquisite candlelights also known as fairy lights to illuminate the Christmas trees. The History of Christmas Lights dates back to the 17th century with Germany as the entrant. Candles were then prepared from melted wax and sequestered to the tree branches by wax or pins. Candleholders were first used in 1890 whereas other accessories like small lanterns and glass balls...
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