Christmas Eve

Topics: Airsoft gun, Airsoft, Legal issues in airsoft Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: December 20, 2012
It was chilly Christmas Eve and the snow appeared to be absent that day. My lapdog Cesar and I were scooping out the raggedy trailer park for the ruthless Mexicans that were out to get us. They were armed with full autonomic air soft guns, four thousands bb’s. While we were armed with an autonomic air soft gun and pistol. As I was telling Cesar how incompetent he is, we were ambushed and forced to retreat into my fathers shed. Thanks to my lapdog Cesar for not looking out when I was giving my heroic speech on why he was so incompetent. The situation I was no in was looking bad. Cesar and I were both low on Ammunition and we were also both famished which brought down our morale. As I barricaded the front exit Cesar was in the fettle position begging the barbaric Mexicans outside to stop. So I took control of the situation that he had put me in. With every airsoft bb I shot with such amazing speed and accuracy to those fifthly Goons outside. As I was taking on the Mexicans that were trying to break inside our new founded base, Cesar was calling in for reinforcement from HQ. As we were waiting for ground support the savages outside got smart and started to shoot us from the sky with the little holes that they found inside my base. When all hope seemed to be lost my farther came in with his Black Chevy stallion scaring away the Mexicans outside. As I stepped outside with my trusty but incompetent lapdog Cesar, we were welcomed with our reinforcement arriving. HQ had sent in their new recruit Mike Knaak to asset me with my troubles. As we descended into the dense forest to find the evil savages that had ambushed us earlier, Cesar made sure to not get easily districted like did before. 30 minutes or so had passed now since my team descended into the forest and then all of a sudden (once again thanks to Cesar) we were ambushed. As the airsoft bbs were flying by head I rushed the opposing threat and garbed a hostage. Now the Mexicans had ceased fire, all except one....
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