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Topics: Christianity, Religion, God Pages: 16 (6187 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Christian Education
Fundamentals of Education
ED 250-02
Anndrena Evans
Political Science – Public Relations /Theology

The aim of this paper is to examine the definition of Christian religious education with a view to uncover the various traditional, theological and biblical approaches and practices in local churches. It will also explore its application and impact on youth development and its failure in the light of youth violence and ungodliness. Christian religious education is defined as the process where by Christian learning takes place. It often involves "teaching which enables practicing Christians to adopt and deepen their Christian belief, values and dispositions to experience and act in a Christian way. It depends to a greater extent on how this process is adopted and practiced in different churches. Different practices in Christian education in local churches At some degree of certainty that all Christian churches have a similar aim's and practices. The liturgical aspect is of paramount importance in the Trinitarian belief and practices in that it serves as introduction to what Christianity is all about. This is where the process of Cognitive learning takes places it involves the worship service where hymns are sang, lessons extracted from the books of the bible are read, sermon often punctuated with exhortation, admonishment and instruction in righteous living is delivered and prayers are said. It also involves the celebration of the holy Eucharist which Jesus Christ himself, recognized as the head of the church, initiated based on experience acquired in the worship service, it can be seen as Christian religious education is a confessional churchly activity of evangelism, instruction and nurture. I assure that "Youth are the most critical of all critics when it comes to religion". Today, common inhabitants do pray and accept the holiness in church for Christ which they are aware that Christ constitutes the sacred bread and wine, but do not entirely act upon worshipping and fail to confront the thoughts and feelings to masses which would spread dignity of godliness among selves. The moral lies in the fact that this creates lackness to reach spiritual beliefs through worship and liturgy resulting in declination the faith which affects the divine nature approaching positivity. Christian education is a vital important part in youth development. For Christian education to be explored, generation of today should be brought into contact through various practices. In the early centuries, reformers emphasized and trusted true faith and doctrines, to change and reform behavior as the only solution for salvation in Christian education. Christian school movements prove a challenge as a messenger to convey god's given mission and honor god. Traditional approach

This approach was practiced since many decades and is still continued to be practiced which helps in binding and governing the ethics and morality within the religion and belief. Since beginning described, in leaving our homeland to teach the gospels throughout the world through scriptures, god conveyed his message - by sending his son Jesus for us, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Church, and Baptism for building unity. Christianity consists of three things - Religious faith, way of life and community of mankind towards salvation is most important. The most vital of all belief preached is that there is only one god. The term Christian does not imply on the fact that a Christian should grow up in a Christian community, but precisely accepts Christian faith and belief, follows and leads the path of life on which Jesus walked on and made mankind accept Christian community through involvement and participation physically and mentally, as a result, traditional approach is how the local churches and preachers go about conducting their services. The apostle's creed was apparently developed to summarize the Christian doctrine for man who...
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