Christian Anthropology

Topics: Christian theology, Christianity, Ethics Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Christian Anthropology

From my understanding Christian Anthropology is about being human and the questions that we ask ourselves. Therefore, how does religion affect us on a human level and how has this changed through generations of people. From the readings I have read it describes Christian Anthropology in three ways, that humans are basically Covenantal, Transcendent and Ethically Orientated. Covenantal

Christian Anthropology suggests that to be human is to be in a relationship or several relationships such as with our culture, our history, our world and the divine. Relationships secure the feeling of being human and having a purpose. Levinas, says that if we don’t have any relationships we cannot become or exist as human. The covenant between God and humanity in Christianity is in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Christians look to Jesus as the chosen one and the person who lived his life by Gods rules and therefore is the human aspect. Christianity is part of every aspect of human life, social, economic, political and religious. However, this is becoming blurred in the 21st century as computers, email, text messages take over and take out the need for human contact and human relationships. Therefore, as a teacher how can we put the religious aspect back into the lives of the children that we teach. So that they still have relationships with culture, history and the divine. The research question I am looking at will find how the environment can help children to achieve a sense of well being and therefore be at their optimal to forge the relationships that Christian anthropology suggests makes them human. Transcendent

Christian Anthropology discusses it as being Transcendent about human freedom, being created in the image of God, grace and sin, original sin and redemption. I understand this to mean that to be human is to have freedom and when this freedom is removed we then force that person to feel less human. As a teacher it is...
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