Christchurch Earthquake

Topics: Human body, Causality, Building Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 8, 2011
On February 22nd 2011,12.51pm Christchurch experienced another earthquake with the magnitude of 6.3 at a depth of 5 km below ground level. This devastating event took the lives of many people with a death toll of 166 as at Sunday 6th March 2011.


The earthquake caused many implications on Christchurch infrastructure in the CBD area. Many people were trapped in the CTV building, under collapsed furniture and damaged infrastructure . There was large amounts of damage to the roads such as cracks in the ground putting people and their properties at risk through damage and demolition. This could lead to stress about rebuilding houses and insurance claims. Many cliff faces had been savourily damaged which is a hazard to Christchurch residents , as inhaling the dust is harmful to the human body and may result in medical assistance. With unemployment it may be hard for Christchurch residents to afford these trips to the medical centre and to supply the needs for their family. This is also unfortunate as Christchurch will not attract many tourists as it is considered to be 'unsafe' . Christchurch's Cathedral (heritage building) has been completely shattered by this devastating earthquake causing millions to rebuild.

One natural implication was Liquefaction . It causes damage to the ground because the soil mass decreases in volume.As a result of liquefaction, the ground surface may subside. In Christchurch Liquidation is occurring mainly around the Avon River , it is spread over an area of about 7 by 7 kilometres . Buildings, bridges and sewage pipes have been damaged as a result . This is dangerous to Christchurch residents because

One effect an earthquake has on the land is landslides, this is when a wide range of ground movement, such as rock falls in slopes. This is very dangerous to Christchurch residents because building can be damaged when ground gives way beneath them and people may be in those buildings. Rocks could...
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