2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

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  • Published : August 16, 2010
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2004 Boxing Day Tsunami
| Source 1| Source 2| Source 3| Source 4|
Name of Topic| Tsunami Flash| The Tsunami Page| The Boxing Day 2006 Tsunami| 2004 Tsunami Disaster| Name of Author| The Age| Dr George P.C| Phil Cummins| Matthew Clieok| Address| http://www.theage.com.au/tsunamiflash/| http://www.drgeorgepc.com/Tsunami2004Indonesia.html| http://www.ga.gov.au/ausgeonews/ausgeonews200503/tsunami.jsp| http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVLPages/AsiaPages/Tsunami-Analyses.html| Notes| I believe that this was reliable because it was from a news website.| I believe that this reliable because it comes with a lot of info| I believe that this reliable because it is a government website.| I believe that this is reliable because it is a website|

Cause: The Cause of the Tsunami was because of a 9.3 earthquake. The earthquake was caused because of the collision of the Indian Plate and Burma plate. The Indian plate actually slipped under the Burma plate because of a fault line. Location: The Epicentre of the original earthquake was located in the Indian Ocean near Banda Acen in North Indonesia. Countries Affected: The Countries that were severely affected by the Tsunami were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and East Africa. Fatalities:

Country| Deaths| Missing|
Bangladesh| 2| Unknown|
East Africa| 137| Unknown|
India| 10, 749| 5, 640|
Indonesia| 117, 810| 114, 922|
Malaysia| 74| 299|
Maldives| 82| 26|
Myanmar| 61| 45|
Sri Lanka| 30, 957| 5, 637|
Thailand| 5, 393| 3, 071|
Total| | 129, 640|

After Effects: After the Originally Earthquake hit it was followed by numerous aftershocks. On 1st January there was recorded to be 84 aftershocks with the magnitude that ranged from 5.0 to 7.0. There were also numerous diseases that were spread through water which caused more deaths such as malaria. Many people were also traumatised from the sudden flood.
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