Christ in Gospel of Matthew

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  • Published : April 24, 2008
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Christology in the Gospel of Matthew

Christology is the study of Jesus Christ. This paper will discuss the issue of Christology in the Gospel of Matthew. From reading this paper, one will essentially grasp better understanding of how Matthew explains Jesus’ divinity and his message. The relationship between Judaism and Christ will also be discussed.

In the Gospel of Matthew there are many important aspects of his Gospel that point out to us, the crowd Matthews was trying to reach. From the characters, concepts, and quotes Matthew uses, one can understand that he was trying to reach a Jewish crowd. Matthew stresses throughout the Gospel that Jesus is the Son Of God. He stresses this for his Jewish audience. Jesus’ role as the Messiah and Son of God is stressed because of the “Jewishness of the gospel which is especially prevalent in its depiction of Jesus’ role as the fulfillment of the Old Testament’s messianic hope” (1). The fulfillment of the Judaic tradition is key in his gospel. In the Old Testament they tell of revelation and hope that Matthew builds upon. We see this right from the beginning when the Angel was speaking to Joseph, as the angel said “he will save his people from their sins” (1:21).

A few other aspects of Matthew’s Christology are Jesus’ spiritual presence with his disciples and the fact most main characters are Jewish. We realize this because the main character Jesus is a Jew, along with his twelve disciples. Jesus assured his disciples that he would always be with him when he said “I will always be with you” (28:20). This is also seen when Matthew says “they shall name him Emmanuel which means “God is with us” (1:23). Matthew wanted his crowd to know that Jesus’ was spiritually present among his disciples and perhaps if the crowd had faith as well, he would be present within them. What Jesus taught his disciples would likely be good lessons to the people that would read his Gospel. The topic of faith is seen because if people can...
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