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Answer the following in complete sentences, using your text as reference… 1. Why is the Gospel of Matthew called the “heart of Jesus’ ethical message”? It is called the “heart of Jesus’ ethical message” because scholars believe is a summary of the gospel. 2. When Matthew wrote his Gospel for the Jewish community, what challenges were they facing at that time? The Jewish community was concerned with the division between the people who followed Jesus and those who saw him as subversive to the Jewish tradition. 3. How did the church emerge out of that situation?

In the year 70 the conflict became so heated that the followers of Jesus were no longer permitted within the synagogue. This led to further separation where Jesus’ followers became known as Christians and they formed the early church. 4. Define: hermaneutics- Is essentially the task of interpretation. When we interpret something we do so with reference to something else. Exegesis- Refers to the study of scripture texts in original context. It looks at the language, the historical context in which these texts were originally written, the religious traditions and other existing writings that influenced the authors of the texts. Parousia- This term refers to the second coming Jesus, which is to take place “at the end of the age.” This time ends time: it is the ending of the story of salvation.

apocalyptic literature
5. How does Matthew portray Jesus as a teacher?
6. How does Matthew compare Jesus and Moses and what is he seeking to demonstrate? 7. What is the KINGDOM OF GOD?
8. What is the “ethics of the kingdom of God”?
9. For each of the following, make ONE summary statement of JESUS’ MESSAGE using YOUR OWN WORDS for each of the following in the Sermon on the Mount: The BeatitudesSalt and Light
The Law and the ProphetsConcerning Anger
Concerning Adultery and DivorceConcerning Oaths
Concerning Retaliation...
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