Choosing a Major

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  • Published : October 8, 2007
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Choosing a major for my undergraduate degree was difficult because of all the options available to me. "Choosing a college major is an exploratory process that involves careful investigation and decision making". In the military I was trained to use a five step decision making process to solve problems. I used this process to choose the right major for me.

"The first step in the decision making process was to make a self assessment". "The more you understand yourself, the clearer your life goals and the way you reach them will become". I looked at the classes, subjects, that interested me. I also looked at what I was good at. I looked at what my capabilities where..

"The second step in the process was to gather information and explore my options". I looked at all majors that were available. I made list of majors that interested me. I picked courses that interested me and then shortening my list.

"The third step involved was putting together the information that I collected". I weighed the pros and cons of the majors on my list, and considered all the possible solutions

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"The fourth step was to take immediate action". I met with my academic advisor to discuss the specific prerequisites and other admission requirements for admittance for the major that I selected.

"The fifth and final step in the process was to make a decision". I then selected my major and I inquired about applying for it and enrolled in the Empire State College for my undergraduate degree majoring in Humanities and Sociology. I truly believe that by using the a decision making model cited as a reference assists in making a decisions..

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