Choose a Member of Your Family Who You Are Close with and Compare Your Relationship with That Person, to Another Member of Your Family Who You Are Not Close with. What Are the Similarities and Differences? Why Do You

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My dad and I have a warmer relationship than my mom and I. The relationship between my dad and I, is different than the relationship with my mom because ever since birth id always be with my dad. Having mostly done everything with my dad it got our relationship so close; I did not want to do many things with my mom. My dad would act like such a kid; it would make me feel as if he was my best friend. I feel closer to my dad, rather than my mom is because of our time spent together over the years. Also the valuable time spent getting to know each other thoroughly.

There are lots of differences between the relationship I have with my dad versus my mom. I spend more time with my dad comparatively than my mom which makes a big difference to my relationship with each of them. Eating things my dad would eat, to being influenced to a big time hockey fan. My mom could not be as open and have a kid mind while playing with me. Being active for my dad is a big deal, therefore me and him always try to be as active as we can. For example we always play hockey in the backyard. On the other hand my mom is not too keen of being active herself.

My relationship with my dad and mom, have several things in common. First, both are always trying their best for me. For example, they both work hard, so they can provide me with good food, shelter, and clothing. A second way in which they are similar is that they both make the utmost choices for me, even though I may think they are wrong or don’t like them.
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