Chocolate Advertising (Short)

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  • Published : November 8, 2007
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Executive summary
An example of everyday marketing activity will be described. The aspect of marketing which this activity will be identified and explained. The ethical, social and enviromental implications will then be highlighted. This is followed by comments on how the issues could be addressed.

A Personal Experience of Marketing Activity
As a proud father of two girls aged eight and nine I have become more aware of the lengths companies go to, to target children and their doting parents. This can be tv adverts for the latest craze toy or the images in kids magazines. For this essay I will draw attention to the sale of chocolate. As with most children, mine have healthy appetites and a ‘sweet tooth'. As with most parents, my wife and I like to please our children and have a quite life. But we also wish our children to be healthy and well fed. When I last went to purchase petrol at a filling station I took my two children. As I walked to the counter with them we had to walk past a display of confectionary. The wrappers of which have been carefully designed to catch the eye and are each distinctly familiar to the purchaser of chocolate. The inevitable happened and I was bombarded by requests for the purchase of a variety of products, high in sugar and low in the charts for healthy eating.

Identification of Marketing Activity
A parent therefore finds themselves subject to all four of the marketing stimuli (Source: Kotler et al., 2001 p.191); Product – desired by consumer in the Place they are at a relativley low Price having distinctive wrapping being the end product of a Promotion campaign. The product is not essential and is a consumer choice. This deliberate effort to affect the consumer shows the activity can be placed as buyer behaviour. With the low price and few differences between the products this is a habitual buying behaviour according to Assael (1987). Manufacturers none the less have attempted to diferentiate their products to the...
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