Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Weber 1
Mathew Weber
Prof. Josh Tucker
Engl. 1010
2 October 2011
Reading Response: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”
Q1: What is Amy Chua arguing?
Chua is arguing the differences between the Chinese “eastern” mentality on raising children and importance on being the best at everything versus American “western” mentality where we stress that everything that we try to accomplish should be fun. Chu quotes a study where 50 “western” and 48 “eastern” mothers were polled. 70% of western women stated that stressing academic success in not good for their children and that learning should be fun. Conversely 0% of the “eastern” mothers felt the same way, and that most Chinese mother’s feel that it is only through hard work, complete dedication, and being perfect is when children realize what fun is. She states that most Chinese parents sacrifice everything for their children, and it is through these sacrifices that they justify the reasoning for pushing their children. She believes, for an unknown reason, that Chinese parents believe that their children owe them everything due to these sacrifices and this is why their children should be the best, uncompromisingly. Q2: How do I feel about this article?

Weber 2
Being a father I tend to ride the fence on this subject. A part of me thinks that my son is too much of a treasure to force him through life trying to be something that he may not be, and I don’t want him to miss out on the joys and experiences that this life has to offer by stressing him to be absolutely perfect in all that he does. On the other hand, being where I am in my life I know the pitfalls of taking a relaxed approach to education and not completely fulfilling all of one’s potential. This article stresses the extreme side of parents stepping in and taking control of children’s academic prowess. There are positive aspects in the practices that this article portrays. Yes it is true that Chinese children that have these kind of parents probably,...
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