Chinese Education System

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  • Published : November 13, 2010
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The advantages and disadvantages of Chinese university entance test It’s nearly impossible to get a decent job without a qualification from a reputable institution. That’s the reason why Chinese students so emphrasize the university entrance test considerably. Obviously,there are a lot of advantages ,such as its fairness and knowlege comprehension and the disadvantageis is inevitable because of its inflesibility .These two aspects will be discussed in this essay. The exam in China is the most fairest way for every student who eager to enter university . Considering that China is a country with a large population.Therefore, the government decide to hold the university entance test for ensuring all the potential students can go to university.Morever,because of its strict discipline and zero phenomenon of cheating , it has been a symbol of fairness. The appearance of the condition which wealthy person corrupte for entering and poor children have no chance to enter college is very little. Addiontionally, despite of the exam coefficient of difficulties,university entrance test can make sure the elementary education is effective because the exam cover with a huge scope. The reson why the entance test is very comprehensive is that it has included all basic subjects such as Chinese,English,Math,Physics and so on. For example ,after hard graft in senior 3 and the university entrance test ,student’s brain has filled in a lot of knowlege because they recited a lage quantity of the material that may appear in the test.Therefore,it is undoubtedly that the entance test will make student knowlegeable. However, it is general consider that the test kill teenagers’ imagination and ability of operation because of its infesibility.The reqirement of the test is that student have to recite a lot of material from the book and it has ignore student’s creation.Most of children in China is not keen on thinking because they are just reqired to recite theory.Furthermore ,their...
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