China Xbm 2012 Mining Machinery Ball Mill

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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China xbm 2012 mining machinery ball mill
Detailed Product Description

1. Rugged construction, reliable operation
2 .Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance
3. Large Capacity, continuous work

Description of 2012 mining machinery ball mill Grinding is the last stage in the process of communication; in this stage the particles are reduced by a communication of impact and abrasion, either dry or in suspension in waterBall mills rotate around a horizontal axis, partially filled with the material to be ground plus the grinding medium. It is performed in rotating cylindrical steel vessels known as tumbling mills. Application A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder mainly for use in mineral dressing processes. Features1. Rugged construction, reliable operation2 .Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance3. Large Capacity, continuous workingTechnical Specification ModelRotating Speed(r/min)Ball Added(t)Feeding SizeDischarging SizeCapacity(t/h)Motor Power(KW)Weight(t)900*180036-381.5≤200.075-0.890.65-218.54.6900*3000362.7≤200.075-0.891.1-3.5225.61200*2400363≤250.075-0.61.5-4.830121200*3000363.5≤250.074-0.41.6-53712.81200*450032.45≤250.074-0.41.6-5.85513.81500*300029.77.5≤250.074-0.42-57515.61500*45002711≤250.074-0.43-6110211500*57002812≤250.ball mill074-0.43.5-613024.71830*300025.411≤250.074-0.44-10130281830*450025.415≤250.074-0.44.5-1215532Ball Mill2100*300023.715≤250.074-0.46.5-36155342100*450023.724≤250.074-0.48-43245422400*30002123≤250.074-0.47-45245542400*45002130≤250.074-0.48.5-60320652700*400020.740≤250.074-0.412-80400942700*450020.748≤250.074-0.412-904301023200*45001865≤250.074-0.4800137To know moreabout 2012 mining machinery ball mill ,kindly visit ourwebsite .net

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