China Shakes the World Book Summary

Topics: People's Republic of China, Yangtze River, World War II Pages: 10 (3833 words) Published: May 19, 2012

In China Shakes the World, James Kynge gives a history and explanation of the Chinese economy. Kynge started writing the book in 2004 and it was published in 2006. The book is like a biography, giving experiences around 1982 when Kynge was a student at the Shandong University. It gives a detailed explanation of economic activities by China in the regions of Germany, Italy, China, and even the United States Midwest.  

The book sarts with a still mill-Thyssen Krupp in Dortmund, Germany. The steel mill once employed nearly ten thousand people, but it was closed later. At first, it was one of Germany's largest steel mills. However, a Chinese steel company bought the mill and dismantled it, shipped it, and reassembled the plant in a small town along the lower Yangtze River. They also bought the the technological of factory. This helped the Chinese to compete with industries around the world. The book also give some explanation about Kynge's research in Italy where jewelry manufacturing and the artisan industry sustained loss owning to the competition by China ‘s increasing market share. Another problem is the related to USA, manufacturing of everything from shoes to computer parts is losing out in Middle America. The managers of companies try to reduce costs by manufacturing in countries with cheaper labor, though the burden is placed on middle class communities who rely on the local factories as a way of life. So, the middle class is shrinking while lower income America is growing. Producing in China is profitable owning to the rules mandated by the Chinese government. There are no safety regulations for the workers, there are no taxes of pollution, and workers in China are working for very low amount , in some part, even for one dollar in a day. And the author talks with those who are in the power, and gives their ideas about the company they take charge of.

The author concludes with a chapter on China's relations with outsiders through giving examples of nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As it becomes stronger, China defines her own friends, and its relations with neighbours such as Taiwan and Japan is not on good,partly because of historical facts. Besides, as America's trade deficit worsens, China feels it is more vital to focus on its own need for economic development than to foreign relations. And, China’s effect on world is immense, and USA is not exception. China has a global economy and a member of international organizations. This may effect its economic policy for workers and organisations, the book asserts. China should be closely monitored, both for taking lessons and for controlling its illegal economic activites.


China is economically taking big steps. This is an undeniable reality which is stressed in this book. It is a life experience of the author James KYNGE, explaining both chinese rise and its motivation. Firstly, the short history is on moving of steelwork plant in Dortmund, Germany to the Yangtse delta in China through reasoning why this steelwork company went bunkruptcy. The reason behind the bankruptcy of the mill was result of a loss in competitiveness. So, thousands of steelworkers lost their jobs in the region. Afterwards, China took advantage and bought the plant. What happened in later stage is that china deconstruction teams dismantled the factory in less than one year. China economy was booming, whereas Germany was lagging behind. After reassembling the factory in Yangtze river, China steel production started to rise up. To be more precise, in 1975 China entire steel output had been lower than that of Dortmund alone. But now, it is one of the largest output center in the world. This also brought prosperity to the region, too. Thousand of jobs was created in the region. The owner of the factory, Shen, was asked by author that why he had bought the steel plant, and he replies: ‘ When the next...
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