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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Research question: do people working as subcontractors for Apple benefit from industrialization?

Investigation: I’m trying to find out that how does being subcontractors to Apple company benefit from industrialization so from this question I will talk about how Apple worked with his subcontractor or his contactor the ones that make the products for him. I will found out that is the subcontractors are happy with the contract that they have made or they don’t agree the laws and the main thing that I should find out about is how did it really benefit from industrialization and that is the easiest part because it’s obvious how the get their benefits they pay less and they a good product. You might ask yourself how are they going to pay less and get product so Apple doesn’t have his own factory to make his own products so he has contract with Foxconn, Apple give Foxconn the design of his products and Foxconn make that product in china’s factory with a cheap price because workers in china don’t get lots of wages most of the factory owners don’t pay their workers enough wages so that why big company such as Apple pay lower price but they get a good product and how they get benefits from that ? They pay lower price to make them but they sell their products so much more expensive than they just pay to make that product so that’s how they get benefits. They way I’m going to carry out my investigation is by the sources: Type of source that I’m going to use:

* Internet: use websites such as or and take notes from them like compare how the subcontractor’s benefits like 200 years ago with now. * Interviewing people: I’ll ask some people that will know about industrialization

Then put all the notes together and put them in order, make sure they are accurate and they are not biased, and if even if they are biased I can give my own opinion on them and complete.

And now I have to know how should I carry out my investigation, so I’m supposed...
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