China as a Super Power

Topics: Navy, People's Liberation Army, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Matt O’Leary
English 2000
Section 72
Review 3: Military Rise
In the past year, The Economist, reputable English based magazine company, weighs in on the growing might of China’s military. The threat of military dominance by China is low, but it shouldn’t be pushed aside as its growing strength should cause some concern. [Chinas rise in its military spending over the past years is purely for defense as they have stated. However, this seemingly growing rise in the military, particularly its land bases and navy is likely more than what they have stressed as a peaceful front, and is causing concern amongst the world. China is steadily increasing their defense budget at around 12% a year, which if they stay on this course, will end up in them becoming the biggest military spender in only 20 years. The effect of this is the quiet increase in defense budgeting by its neighbors, South Korea, India, Japan, and even Australia all of which are bumping up their navies. The ultimate goal of this rise is to become known as a major power with possibility of playing nicely in world politics and issues. China has had an increase in the thousands of land based cruise missiles and their investment into modern day fighter jets, nuclear powered submarines, and cyber and space weapons to “blind” America. Chinas interest in its research and development costs are endless. The focus of these “anti- access/area denial” defense strategies is to deter America from intervening in the case of a formal secession of Taiwan from mainland China. The nation states that these are all part of its own defense, but according to its tactical Doctrines, if they have to fire first they will. This possibility of an Asian arm race is scary, however, Chinas People Liberation Army (PLA), hasn’t seen combat experience in over 30 years. The land bases and submarines are formidable, but only in the case if the opposing nation was sitting right off the coast. The current focus of Chinas expanding...
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