Chilean Miners

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Chilean Miners

Chilean Miners
The "Timeline: Trapped Chilean Miners" (2010) website reported that on August 5th, 2010 33 Chilean miners were trapped when the main ramp of the San Jose mine in the Atacama region of northern Chile collapsed. Emergency officials are currently unable to communicate with the miners trapped. It was said that workers were trapped at a depth of around 300 meters Weik, J. (2010). The company Codelco is yet to inform the immediate families of the miners about the circumstances. There are some considerations to keep in mind regarding what potential needs the families of the trapped miners will require when informed of their loved ones situation. The information given is as important as is the method in which the message is delivered. The actions that must be taken before the message can be delivered to the families of the miners, involve the gathering of as much information as possible. The place to start is to identify which employees are among the trapped so that the families’ of these workers can be located and communicated the news of the incident firsthand. Codelco, along with emergency authorities must gather as much information about status of the trapped miners as well as physical location and quality of the environment in which the miners are located. This will help define viable options for the retrieval and rescue of the miners as well as their welfare. Only then should Codelco appoint appropriate members of their staff to locate and communicate face-to-face with each of the employee’s families. The company will notify them with as much information as they possibly can at that moment regarding the status of the health of the employee along with what plans the company will formulate to rescue the miners. The message delivered must be done so in a tactful manner and with as much empathy as possible. The message must also be able to deliver the facts known at the time. Plans to provide support...
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