Children of Heaven (Reaction Paper)

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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A shoemaker fixing a pair of shoes which picked up by a lad named Ali. On his way home, he lost the pair of shoes of Zahra on the store he passed and came by. Ali knows their family is having a financial trouble, so he feared to tell his parents and also afraid of being beaten by there father,so Ali and Zahra hushed what had happen. Ali promised to his sister he would go and find her shoes. At school , Zahra spotted a girl wearing her shoes. Ali and Zahra came by at the girl's house to get the shoes, but they suddenly felt pity when they discover the lass father was blind. Opportunity came, while trying to conceal from his parents what has happened, Ali entered a marathon racing hoping to come in third place to get the prize he desperately seek, a new pair of sneakers.

Children of Heaven was written and directed by Majid Majidi it was a simple yet wonderful movie. Even though the film have not much of talking the acting of the performers speaks for themselves in connection to a saying "actions speaks thousand than words", which is another way of communicating with the audience. The story revolves around on a poor family in which they could hardly get basic necessities. The patriarch of the family which is Amir Naji is barely employed, the mother(Fereshte Sarabandi) is ill and they're 3 siblings. It focuses on the son (Ali) and daughter (Zahra), exchanging just a pair of one shoes. Zahra will wear them in the morning, after school she rushed towards home to returned the shoes to Ali. This arrangement leads Ali to being late 3 times in a row, the first time he was late the principal ignores him, the second time around was warning, but no matter how he tried to run fast he was then again late third times, the principal told Ali to go home and come back with his parents. Luckily his teacher persuade the principal to give him a chance and let him in, in the class. Ali was good at class ,once his teacher...
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