Response Paper on Chapters 19- 27 of "The Darkest Child"

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Third Response Paper
In the Darkest Child chapters 19 – 27 there was a lot of sadness. People were hurt, people died, and people cried. When I read the darkest child I try to look at things in their shoes so that I can understand and feel more for the story then just reading it. These chapters seemed like the twist in the story, the part of the story that turns a lot around and changes the suspicion. This is very much so interesting to me. When I said people were hurt I was referring to how Rozelle hurt her children once again. The beginning of chapter 19 describes how Martha jeans face looked after their mother beat her the night before over a boy. Martha Jean was innocent and had done nothing but their mother’s assumption is what got her beat so badly. There was also Tangy Mae who was hurt in this part of the story. Her mother had introduced Tangy Mae to her father who her mother said always had money. He gave her money to get her prom dress but her mother wants the money he gave to her. Tangy Mae didn’t want to give it up because it was given to her so her mother broke her finger and took the money. This left her with a forever sprained finger. In these chapters 2 important people died. There was Junior the smart intelligent boy who wanted things to change for the blacks in that city. Then there was baby Judy who was taken care of by Martha Jean and never touched by their mother. Junior was lynched by no one knows who. This affected Harvey more than anyone else because he was his best friend. Baby Judy was tossed of the porch by her own mother killing that poor child instantly. No one was hurt more by this but Martha Jean because that child was basically hers since she was the only one caring for her. To see that a mother can do this to her own child and not be affected by it says that she is not mentally stable. Lastly people cried all throughout these chapters because of all the hurting and...
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