Children and the Risks of Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, MySpace Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: January 22, 2013
The Internet can be a wonderful resource enabling children to research and find out many things. It allows emailing, uploading and downloading of information, pictures, gaming and networking. When used properly the web can be an incredible tool. Unfortunately there is always a down side to everything and used inappropriately can put children at risk. With the increase of social networking sites it is easy for children to give out to much personal information. Addresses have been known to be burgled because people have posted they are going on holiday. Paedophiles may groom a child and if they have an address they know where to find them. Social networking sites can also be used for cyber bullying and posting of embarrassing material of other children. It can allow access to pornographic or other unsuitable material. Downloading can infect computers with virus’s and be used by fraudsters to gain personal account numbers and information. Mobile phone’s provide parents with the comfort of being able to get in touch with their children, and that their children can get in touch with them if in need. They can be a good thing, and a child would feel left out if they did not have one because most do. Children can use them extensively constantly chatting or texting friends. Phones having cameras can also lead to children being videoed by others and being posted to the internet. There are concerns over the use of mobile phones and radio waves that may cause cancer of the brain if used excessively. There are number of reports suggesting that there is a risk from constant bombardment of radio waves not only of cancer but of reduced fertility, and suppressed melatonin production. Other technologies used by children may be iPods, e-readers and gaming machines. Gaming can be obsessive and encourage children to do little or no exercise, strain their eyes from constantly looking at a screen and lead to bad posture from...
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