Children's Behavior Today

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  • Published: July 27, 2013
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Children's Behavior Today
Dana Brown
PHI 210
Week 10
Professor Thomas

Children's Behavior Today
Walking in the grocery store, pregnant with my first child, I remember hearing this little girl just scream bloody murder. Why was she screaming? I eventually came across the mother and her little girl as I went through the aisles getting what I needed. I discovered after a few moments of observing that this little girl was having a temper tantrum because her mother wouldn’t purchase what she wanted her mother to get. It was not something very healthy and her mother clearly did not want her to have it. This little girl screamed, kicked and stomped at her mother. I could see her mother’s face getting redder and redder by the minute and I just knew my own kids weren’t going to turn out like that! That was five years ago and now I have had two more in addition to the baby I was pregnant with then. I understand five years later what that mother went through in that grocery store because I have experienced that with my own children! What happened? What happened to how children behaved from the time I was small and now?

And then it begins
Before I had children, I worked in several daycares as well as babysat at home to gain my experience with children. I knew I eventually would have some and I just absolutely loved kids so I enjoyed being around children. It amazes me how different children can become around certain people. For example, my children will be angels with my parent, their grandparents, but with me that is not the case. I noticed this some while working in daycares and babysitting but never knew the full extent of it until I had my own. I found this a great opportunity to do some research and see how many other people felt the way that I did. How many other people felt that children and their behaviors are nothing like they used to be? Is there really that big of a difference between now and ten years ago? Or it is it just my personal opinion? I conducted my own survey and researched the topic to see actually how many did agree with me or was I alone in feeling this way? Child behavior is worse today than ten years ago, or is it? The two main arguments that we will be discussing is some say child behavior is worse today than ten years ago but then some say that child behavior is the same if not better than ten years ago. So which is it? We will review supporting evidence for both arguments so that you can reach your own conclusion. Child Behavior is Worse Today Than Ten Years Ago:

Parenting Styles and Family Dynamic
One reason for why some say child behavior is worse today than it was ten years ago is parenting skills or styles. The Gazette states “Inept parents-no limitations set” as one of the reasons for the behavior of kids (Schultz, 2012). So could it be that the parenting skills have declined to cause this change in behavior of children? A study was done in New Hampshire about parenting style and the types of children that these styles tend to create or develop. It was conducted by “UNH researchers Trinkner; Ellen Cohn, professor of psychology; Cesar Rebellon, associate professor of sociology; and Karen Van Gundy, associate professor of sociology” (Wyman, 2012). The study began on the New Hampshire youth in 2007 and lasted eighteen months (Wyman, 2012). This study presented three types of parenting styles: authoritative, authoritian and permissive. First authoritative style is when the parents are “demanding and controlling, but they are also warm and receptive to their children’s needs” (Wyman, 2012). The children with authoritative style parenting typically come out to be pretty self-reliant, self-controlled and content. The second style we will discuss is the authoritian style and this is the “demanding and highly controlling, but detached and unreceptive to their children’s needs” (Wyman, 2012). The children with authoritian style tend to be more discontent, withdrawn and...
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