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Like most children, I too had many toys, games, stuffed animals, and dolls. The toy box was always overflowing with toys that I just couldn’t live without. I’m sure my mother dreaded taking me into any place that had a toy isle. I can see myself now riding on the end of the buggy expressing to her how much I needed a new toy. Using the age-old speech about how good I’d been that day. And of course how I would continue my good behavior if I could only have the toy I had my heart set on.

Although, looking back now, most of the toys, I’m sure I begged for, have been long forgotten over the years. But, there is one toy that had always outshined the rest. I’m not positive on how old I was when I got this new toy, but it was one that I will never forget. Lukah, my cabbage patch doll, was a security blanket in many ways for me as a child. I toted her everyplace I went from the time she came out of the box. My mom let me use the baby clothes that I wore as an infant. Therefore, Lukah had many outfits for every occasion. A church dress for Sundays, play cloths for everyday wear, and of course a night-gown for bed. This doll was so much more than just an ordinary doll to me as a child.

When I was seven, maybe eight, the house that my family lived in caught fire during the night. I don’t remember much about that night, due to me being young, I suppose. Just about everything in the house was destroyed by the flames. Since Lukah rarely ever left my side, she was the only thing I came out of the house with. After the fire it became hard for me to sleep at night. I was in a new place and frightened that a fire may happen again. Squeezing Lukah tight in my arms was a way for me to escape my fears. Even though I don’t cling onto Lukah as I did as a child, I still have her and she will always be special to me. On July 18th of this past year, I became the mother to a beautiful daughter. My Avery is only six months old now, but one day I will pass this special doll down to...
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