Childhood Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity Pages: 6 (2268 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Childhood obesity has become a major issue in our society. It does not only influence one’s childhood but it will also make an impact on one’s later adult life. For example, how will people perceive an obese person when one is looking for a job? There are many reasons for childhood obesity, for example, dietary, genetics, environment, illness, and psychological factors. It is important to be aware of what kinds of health problems obesity will bring to us. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep problems as well as cancer can all be brought out by obesity. Thus it is very important to know what we can do to fight or to help others to fight this condition. People often think that fast food is the biggest producer for childhood obesity without looking into the real problems behind this issue. This paper will prove that fast food's contribution to childhood obesity is overstated.

The question that surrounds childhood obesity is fast food. Is fast food really the main cause of childhood obesity? What role do parents play in this matter? Who is the one to blame? After all, decision-making is the key. There are three key-points, which will be discussed below. It is very important to look at this issue in a fair perspective. Many would blame childhood obesity to fast food but many would disagree. Nutrition and calorie intake both play a big part. Certain nutritionists suggest that as long as you intake the right amount of calorie consumption a day, you can still be in shape. Parenting is also extremely important. How do you discipline your children to eat less junk food and teach them how to eat healthy? Some parents let their children to eat anything they want and whenever they want. At last, childhood obesity also has something to do with ethnicity and low-income households. It is necessary to look at the link between fast food and childhood obesity to see what are the real problems behind this fast-growing social and health problem.

The search was conducted based on educational journals, respected academic information, and also sources provided by Ashford Online Library. Websites like Atlantic Monthly, Google Scholar, and Info Mine, ProQuest, and EBSCOHost are all respectable sources. They have good reputation and was used as the database of my search. However, if there was certain information I cannot find from the four search engines, I expanded my search to I carefully examined whether the information I found there was credible or not. “During the past two decades, the prevalence of obesity in children has risen greatly worldwide. Obesity in childhood causes a wide range of serious complications, and increases the risk of premature illness and death later in life, raising public-health concerns.” (Ebbeling, p1) People do care about our next generation and would hope they will be healthy and watch them to accomplish the things that they hope for in their lives. Without a healthy body, none of those dreams can come true. This problem cannot be 100% cured, but to solve a problem one must know what the problem is so that at least it can be contained or reduced. RESULTS

Nutrition is something that cannot be neglected. Fast food restaurants are in the business to make money and not to watch children’s nutrition intake. When is comes to business, all business owners are try to save the cost so that they can have more profit. What do we know about fast food? It has high calorie and fat. Each meal contains approximately 1000 calories. Based on the information, a nutritionist, Juliette Kellow (2005, P.11) stated that for boys from age four to six need about 1,715 calories intake per day, and 1,545 for girls. For boys from age seven to ten, they need 1,970 calories per day and 1,740 for girls. For boys from age 11 to 14, they need 2,220 calories and 1,845 for girls. How do people get fat? Is when a person intake more...
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