Childhood Is Disappearing

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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Childhood is disappearing

Some sociologists would argue that childhood is disappearing such as Neil Postman, whereas other sociologists would argue against this. I will evaluate the arguments for and against.
The first argument for this statement is that girls are wearing too much make-up and are reading articles from magazines which are telling them to act and dress as adults do-which means there is a loss of innocence. However an argument against this statement is all children now have the right to an education, and this is being extended to 18, which means they are trying to preserve childhood even longer.

On the other hand a sociologist would argue for this statement is that there had been a huge rise in the number of children who are smoking and drinking-which are both seen to be adult activities. Another argument against this statement is children are now more protected more than ever through laws e.g. it is against the law for 16s to have sex and smoke.

A final argument for this statement is that Neil Postman believes children have become confused little adults because of the images they see on the media. These children are known as ‘Tweenagers’. Finally an argument against this statement is that compared to the 1800’s children have a much better and longer childhood, and are not expected to work long hours in factories, mines and up chimneys.

In conclusion the strongest argument is the argument for that childhood is disappearing because of the increase in pressure of underage sex, drugs, magazines and instructing girls to be more ‘grown-up’ with make-up and certain clothing. The media is also putting kids under pressure to look and act like adults, they have posing models wearing make-up and being airbrushed influencing children to be as ‘perfect’ as the models.
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