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Summer Holiday Home Work

Class XI 2013-14


Total English (Class XI) : Specimen Paper 3, Questions 1, 2 and 3.


प्रश्न : " फूल हम घर में भी सूँघ सकते हैं ; परंतु वाटिका में कुछ और बात होती है।"- पंक्ति की संदर्भ सहित व्याख्या करते हुए बताए कि प्रस्तुत कहानी में प्रेमचंद ने किस आदर्श को स्थापित किया है और कैसे ?


Write an essay on the following topics

1. Ekti Nirjon Dupur2. Ponprotha3. Ku-sonskar

4. Khushir aarek naam benche thaka5. Jol-Sanrakshan


Project : Title : SAARC and its impact on the Indian Economy.


Chapter 1. Classification of Human Activities - Economic and Non-Economic. 1. Explain the following terms:
a. Human Activities
b. Economic Activities
c. Non-Economic Activities.
d. Business
e. Employment
f. Profession.
2. Distinguish between:
a. Economic and Non-Economic Activities
b. Business, Profession and Employment.

Chapter 2. Nature and objectives of business.
1. Define Business. Explain the important characteristics of business. 2. Explain the need and function of business.
3. Explain the relevance of profit in business.
4. Why profit cannot be the sole objective of business?


1. Discuss the functions of Modern office .

2. Explain the qualities of a good office manager .

3. Examine the role of office in modern organization .


Page A-56 to A-57, Ex- 3.1 Solve 1 - 32


Write an account of the different schools of Psychology.


1. Write a note on the argument whether Political Science is a science or an art.

2. Write any eight points on the benefits of studying Political Science.


Project topic selection, setting hypothesis, write introduction.


Indian History Chapter 1:

1. State one action taken by Tilak to rouse the feeling of Nationalism amongst the people.

2. Name two secret revolutionary societies formed in the first decade of the 20th Century.

3. What was Curzon's motive for the Partition of Bengal?

4. Give one reason for the split in the Congress in 1907.

5. Who was the Candidate of the Moderates for Congress President at Surat?


Dimensional Analysis (ch.-5.)

Page No. - 70 to 72. (Numerical)

Ex.- 3,5,8, 14 -(ii),(iv), (v), (vii), (viii), (ix).17, 19, 20, 22.


Page No. 73 to 75

Ex.- 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 14.


Select any topic of your choice from the following list for the project.

1. Amino acids: Peptides, structure and classification, proteins structure and their role in the growth of living beings.

2.Vitamins and hormones.

3.Natural polymers (any five)- structure, characteristics, uses.

4.Synthetic polymers (any five)-method of preparations, structure, characteristics, uses.

5.Types of dyes- method of preparations, characteristics, uses.

6.Thermoplastics and Thermosetting plastics- method of preparations, characteristics, uses.

7.Various rocket propellants and their characteristics.

8.Insectcides,pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

9.Explosives - preparations, and their uses.

10.Coal and coal tar as a source of many chemicals.

11.Ancient Indian medicines and medicinal plants.

12.Air pollution ,water pollution.

13.Lipids: structure, membranes and their functions.

14.Carbohydrates and their metabolism, blood haemoglobin and respiration.

15. Preparation of soap, nail polish , boot polish, varnish, nail polish remover, shampoo and scents.

16.Chemicals and chemical processes in forensic studies.

17.Nucleic Acid: DNA and RNA - their structure, Unique nature, Importance in evolution and their characteristic features.

18.Chemicals in medicines: antiseptics ,antibiotics antacids and their uses.

19.Simple idea of chemical evolution.

20.Immune systems.

The project should be hand...
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