Childhood Depression

Topics: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, Child Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Childhood Depression (6-11 years) (12-18 years)
Christina Boswell
Psychology 220
October 21, 2011
Kaplan University

This essay will be explaining the differences in depression in adolescents and children of the ages of 6 years to 11 years old. Depression hits everyone very similar. Signs of depression also are similar except for a child sometimes. There symptoms may be a little different. Depression can be genetically obtained. Meaning sometimes when parents have depression their children can also grow up with this disorder. Depression is a very hard thing to be dealing with these days. Children deal with it worse than what adults do. Some of the causes that are listed for depression in children and adults are as follows: abuse, certain medications that are given, conflict, death or a loss, and sometimes just other personal problems ( This is for everyone even children. Now, when loosing someone that you are dearly close to say a father or a sister causes depression in younger children as they say (AAFP, 2000). There is one thing and that is if you are a parent you should not show your child any symptoms of depression. You may ask why that is and that is because a child can follow a parent even with depression as well as learning on how to do things. Now, with teen depression it can be covered up by their hormones acting up and so you cannot really tell what is going on with them unless you look for symptoms. In children of the ages 6-11 years old there are a few different symptoms you need to look for. These symptoms are really sayings so you really need to listen to your children. Some of the sayings can be like my parents will not even miss me, I should not be here these are just 2 of many things you need to listen for in your young children. Now, behavior things that need to be looked for would be Drawings of death, and cutting themselves or running into traffic things like this you need to look for in behavior ( Children who...
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