Childhood Apraxia of Speech

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Childhood Apraxia of Speech|

Disorder Overview
Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is defined as a motor speech disorder. This disorder may also be referred to as verbal or speech dyspraxia. Children with this disorder find difficulty in planning and producing specific movements of the tongue, jaw, lips, and palates. The impairments caused by this disorder including the difficulty saying sounds, words, and syllables. The common symptoms of CAS include a delay of the onset of speech, restricted vowel, and sound inventory, and poor speech intelligibility. This condition is present from birth and can improve greatly or completely resolve itself with proper treatment. This condition is not fully understood. There are several schools of thought concerning the cause of this disorder. Some professionals believe that the nature of CAS is linguistic in nature, some believe it to be motoric, and still others believe it to be both linguistic and motoric in nature. The cause of this disorder is still being researched. Emotional Development

No matter the cause of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a child may experience several emotions while living with this disorder. CAS is a disorder that causes difficulty for a child to communicate. When a child can not easily express themselves verbally frustration may build. This frustration occurs because the child does cognitively know what they are trying to say but is unable to convey their thoughts, desires, and or needs easily. Normally when a parent, teacher, sibling, or friend can not understand what a child is saying they are asked to repeat themselves. A child can also become frustrated because of the continued request to repeat and the awareness that others do not understand them. Anger is another emotion that a child my struggle with due to this disorder. Many times anger forms in relationship to the heightened level of frustration due to the inability to communicate easily. It also can occur in other...
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