Child Poverty

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  • Published : October 30, 2009
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Child Poverty, Is there a Solution?


Child Poverty has been an ongoing issue throughout the world for decades. We've seen it become a problem dating back the great depression, World War I and World War II. Also the problem of child poverty is a huge concern in other ends of the world. In this paper I will talk to you about child poverty at a glance fallowed by poverty levels in different places. Lastly I will touch on the Illinois and Chicago's child poverty level.

We all have an idea of what poverty is, but too many it's just a topic that is put off that is not strongly talked about. According to UNICEF they have defined Child Poverty as “environment that is damaging to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development." They touch on the facts. Kids who don't start off with a nutritous meal or partake in hazardous work already affect a child's state of mind. UNICEF best describes the variables. "Living in an environment that provides little stimulation or emotional support to children, on the other hand can remove many of the positive effects of growing up in a materially rich household." Children are supposed to shape the future. A parent who gives their child the idea they can become whatever they wish as long as they truly apply themselves is great words of encouragement, but there's always the what if’s of the world. It starts off by social class. Today everything is covered by media whether we look at it or not. Media outlets all over the world cover some form of poverty, but not much on kids. Who's to blame? Is there anyone to blame? How we define poverty can be different based on government standards of living. Some people think that you choose to live below the standard level and "choose" poverty based on being lazy, and only relying on welfare or just being weak and there are also who are less fortunate. Child poverty is looked from the perspective that it has to have a beginning, but what is the beginning? Mainly...
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