Child of Rage Movie

Topics: Sigmund Freud, John Bowlby, Parent Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: May 10, 2013
In the Film, Child of rage, directed by Larry Peerce, there was a child named Catherine that would have huge outbursts of violent rage. Her actions could be analyzed through the Freudian Model. As her parents were highly concerned because she appeared like a normal young child, as well as her blood related younger brother Eric.

As a couple adopted both Catherine and Eric they both came off as sweet and timid, however Catherine started displaying violent acts such as baby birds and attacking Eric while he was sleeping. As those incidents occurred they went unnoticed by the couple buy as soon as she started ripping her room apart and stabbing the family dog with a needle, then the adoptive parents were concerned. As they asked the caseworker that give them the children, she couldn’t say anything but expected the couple to bring back the kids because they could not be handled. As the couple kept looking for answers another incident with Catherine happened. Catherine fondles with her grandfather, so both Rob and Jill, her adoptive parents, brought her to a psychologist. As Catherine put on a good show for the psychologist, he did not believe anything was wrong with her. As most of her episodes progressed Jill noticed fresh bruises on Eric’s stomach, too scared to admit that it was Catherine who caused it. But her next episode was extreme Catherine smashed Eric’s head onto a concrete floor landing him into the hospital from there Eric no longer lived with Catherine, Jill and Rob, but with his grandparents; until they resolved Catherine’s behavior. At this time, the caseworker finally told them the horrible story of how they found Catherine and Eric. When they found them, both Catherine and Eric were in neglectful home with no sign of the mother nor father; their biological mother was hospitalized with pneumonia while their biological father was drunk who knows where. After finally knowing what happened to Catherine and Eric they got in contact with an older sister...
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