The Debra Luptak Case Research Paper

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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The Debra Luptak Case
By: Caitlin Collins
This case is well known in the United States as well as around the world due to the horrific nature of the story. This case fits into the child abuse region, and sursprisingly after inhuman living conditions and constant torture; today Debra Luptak is a highly successful businesswoman, and the author of three books as well as many more on the way. The nightmare began when Debra was born. She was “The Devil’s Daughter” as her schizophrenic mother called her. Her mother stated that her child was from the devil in a family where she wanted only male children. Sexually abused herself as a child, Debra’s mother began to abuse her daughter at birth, putting her crib in a confining closet at the back of the house. She was convinced that her newborn daughter Debra was going to destroy her marriage and would end up having sex with her husband. Debra, being the oldest daughter, took the full brunt of her Mother’s abuse, although younger sister Danielle was also badly mistreated when she was born. They were both routinely subjected to deprivation and homicidal rage, yet Debra was her Mother’s main target. Within days of being force fed adult sedatives, Debra fell into a coma, losing sensory perceptions. Her Father found her on the floor of her closet reeking of urine and feces in a comatose state. She was rushed to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, where she spent several weeks recovering from her Mother-inflicted drug overdose.The overdose was reported to social services, which finally stepped in and took serious action against the family, telling them that Debra would be placed in a home in southern Missouri for a year until the family decided whether or not they wanted her or could take care of her.Debra eventually was returned to her family after her one year stay at a foster home and the abuse continued the day after she arrived back home. In 1967 after her parents divorced, Debra’s mother packed up the kids and moved to...
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