Child Labour Should Be Banned- Final 2

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  • Published: August 12, 2011
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East West University
Semester: Spring – 2009


Child Labor Should Not Be Banned

Submitted to:

Farhana Zareen Bashar
Department of English
East West University.

Submitted by:

Shamsul Arefin
ID: 2007-3-10-051
Department of Business Administration
East West University.

Date of submission: 21th April, 2009.

Child Labor Should Not Be Banned

Child labour should be banned, a most pronounced subject. But why should child labour be banned? Human under age of 15 are considered as children. Most of the developing countries are mainly related in agricultural based work and their population growth rate is very high and also low economic growth rate so a large number of children are engaged in various fields of work. Poverty leads many children to work in many places. In developing countries, per capita income is very low so in those countries, children have to work for their own livelihood. In many families of developing countries, children are the only earning member so there is no alternatives of child labour in this situation. Similarly there are numbers of fact for which child labour should not be banned in developing countries. It has also great contribution in Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and it plays an important role in developing countries to remove poverty.

In developing countries, child labour has a great contribution in Gross Domestic Production (GDP). The children work in various fields in work force in developing countries. They are mainly engaged in agricultural fields, small industries, restaurant, and also work in house. If we see the original scenario of developing countries then we can understand that from the very early age, children are related with several types of work. They do these kinds of work for their family and their own purpose. Through this way, they are also contributing in Gross Domestic Production (GDP). Bangladesh is a good example of developing countries. If we see the...
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