Child Labour and Education

Topics: Poverty, Education, History of education Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: March 31, 2013
This issue broadly creates negative effect in an economy both in short run and long run. The nation loses great potential by the expansion of child labour participation rate. There is no alternative way to improve an economy without reducing child labour.

Again, it is not possible to eradicate child labour within the short period of time. Gradually, people are able to shift our children from work to education. We know that, many reasons are involved behind children become labour in formal and informal sector. From all of the possible causes, poverty is the significant reason to raise child labour.

Although poverty itself is a multidimensional factor, if we create new work opportunity to our poor people and reduce inequality between rich and poor, then child labour will decline.

We need to provide proper and unique education in primary study level, then we should introduce different and practical education program in the secondary level for our poor children. That will helpful for getting job, as well as, ensuring self-employment. We have to secure quality education support from NGO institutes. Their education program should be equipped on economic and social perspective and it must sustainable for particular period of time.

Child education and child nutrition both are the prerequisite for human development in any nation. Both conditions are positively relates with each other, i.e. if child education improve it enhances child nutrition as well. But our children are suffering severely with malnutrition and the malnutrition strongly effects of our child worker.

We need to take some awareness program to poor parents about child education. Without hard to survive, the majority of parents can give their children to continue education. If the poor parents get aware about future prospect of their children through proper education, they will motivate to their children to affix education. Parents and children both must have same goal about the future...
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