Child Labor in the 1990 (Acting as If Its Present Tense)

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Imagine being a child working 14 hour days, in a dim lit, smelly factory. Thats going on across the US right this moment. Over the past few years, child labor has been at its peak. Children are used in factories because they are cheap, easier to manage, and less likely to unionize and strike. Since the year 1900, the degree of enforcement against child labor is varied in each state. There isn't any strong enforcement against child labor. Because children aren't in school and learning like they ought to be, and are defenseless and have no voice, I believe that child labor is wrong and should have more concrete rules and standards.

Child labor is work that harms children and keeps them from attending school. Around the US, both rich and poor young children are forced into the work field by their parents or guardians. These innocent children start working when they are 5, and enter a world of hazardous conditions, horribly mean overseers, and long hard hours, making them grow up long before they should have to. Many of them work in commercial agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining, and domestic services. Some of the unlucky ones work in illegal jobs that involve drugs, prostitution and war.

Child labor is a horrendous epidemic currently happening in the US. Children should not have to work in theses conditions! They should be able to go to school and learn like a regular child should. They should be able to have some free time with their friends! When I imagine being a child and working in those conditions, waking up early and being on my feet all day, I imagine it being not a happy thing to look forward to. Think about being the victim of a sex slave at a really young age, or being forced to do something that you don't want, or don't know how to do. Why is child labor wrong? Because children do not have the choice to speak what they want to who they want. Children don't know what striking is or why to do it. Its taking away their rights.

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