Child Development Punishment and Deterrence: Techniques and Solutions

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Child Development Punishment and Deterrence

CRJ 303

Brian Robison

4 Nov 2012


When discuss children and issues that we have with them we to be sensitive and have a sympathetic ear meaning we have to listen before we disciple them. We will discuss how to use techniques and solutions that can prevent our children from committing mistakes that can be fatal.

With children now they have pretty much gotten away with disrespecting no just adults and the parent but themselves as well. So we find ways to discipline them by taking away video game and leisure time but that sometimes does work why, is because we have spent so much time buying things to occupy their time due to our absence and lack of discipline when the time is appropriate.

Now the child has gotten away with so much while he or she is little they tend to be more bold with words and more disrespectful and then we have had it and want them out or we want help from others if you ask me it’s no one else’s business it should stay in the family.

This is because if this gets out about your child misbehaving it can go both ways, it can help you ask far reaching out for help because others have the same problems and can’t find a solution so the group can work together and find ways to fix the problem.

Or you can take your child to Dr. Phil which to me is embarrassing because you actually have to expose this problem to the world about a child! You can’t raise your or control your household where you pay bills, and provide a roof with food and water available at any time “DISRESPECTFUL”.

We tend to use the old ways of punishment like belts and extension cords etc. But you can’t do that anymore we have counseling, psychiatrists, and the law! I say the law because now if you hit a child and he or she calls the police you’re going to...
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