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Assignment 026 Task D Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children and young people.

1) Know the setting polices and procedures.
Make sure you are fully aware of the policies that are in place. Such as safeguarding, whistle blowing and complaints. 2) Listen to the child.
If a child tells you anything then they obviously trust you. Always listen to them and purely listen. You should never interrupt or ask questions as you don’t want to put words into their mouth. 4) Support and reassure the child.

Tell them that that they did the right thing in telling an adult and how everyone wants the best outcome for them to be happy and safe. 5) Agree not to keep secrets.
You have to make the child aware that even thought they have told you that you can’t keep it as a secret as you need to tell another adult in order to help them. 6) Never panic.
Make sure that you stay calm no matter what the child may have told you. It is important that you stay calm and don’t make any quick decisions as you may jump to the wrong conclusion. 7) Write down and record anything that you have been told that may cause concern. Make sure you record anything a child may tell you that may cause concern. You should only write down the ‘exact’ words a child says. Never add anything if the child didn’t say it. 9) Pass any information onto the designated child protection officer. Pass on information to the child protection officer within the setting so they can report the incident if necessary. Once they have reported an incident it is out of your hands. 10) Implement the whistle blowing policy and its procedures if there is a lack of action taken. Raise your issue and make sure that if there is a lack of action taken that you implement the whistle blowing policy and its procedures. Investigate the reported issue by approaching the next appropriate and relevant adult or organisation to report dangerous or poor practice in the...
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